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Guide to Bridal Bouquets

The Bride's bouquet is the floral focal point of any wedding, it's way more than just a bunch of flowers, it encapsulates the essence of the day reflecting the Bride's personal style, the chosen theme and the season and will carry with it sentimental significance. Be it with flowers that a beloved parent or grandparent may have grown, or a fragrance that holds cherished memories. The Bride's bouquet will have all the prettiest most perfect flowers in and will elevate your wedding photographs so they look like they belong in a magazine.

The act of carrying a bouquet down the aisle is deep seated in history and symbolises fertility, love and new beginnings. So it can be a little daunting knowing where to start when picking the style of bouquet you'd like for the most beautiful bouquet you will ever have on the most important day of your life!

Once you've booked with us and we begin the design process we will give you 5 different styles of bouquet to choose from. Firstly there is the Asymmetrical Bouquet.

Asymmetrical bridal bouquet for Pembrokeshire Wedding
Late Summer Asymmetrical Bouquet

An Asymmetrical Bouquet brings a fresh, modern twist to traditional bridal flowers. The charm lies in the different textures, heights and colours that feel very spontaneous and organic, so it perfectly complements a contemporary or more bohemian wedding vibe perfectly.

Autumnal wildflower bouquet by a Pembrokeshire wedding florist
Autumnal Asymmetrical Bouquet, photo credit Leia Mia Weddings

This slightly unconventional style can be small, medium or large in size and has become very popular over recent years, being effortlessly chic and relaxed adding an extra layer of personality and uniqueness to the Bride's overall look.

Asymmetrical bridal bouquet wildflower style bouquet
Petite Early Summer Asymmetrical bouquet

So if you're looking for something very modern, wild and organic then an Asymmetrical bouquet is worth considering. The next style that we absolutely LOVE is the Cascade Bouquet.

Cascading wildflower bouquet by Pembrokeshire wedding florist. Alternative wedding bouquet
White and Green Cascade Bouquet, photo credit Robert Thomas Cymru

These are always large, a real statement piece, so if you're looking for a wow factor then this could be for you!

Wildflower bouquet, Pembrokeshire wedding florist, alternative bridal bouquet
Mid Summer Cascade Bouquet, phot credit Mary W Thomas Photography

Trailing vines and flowers hang down over the front of the hands creating a waterfall effect. They have a very natural, loose and romantic feel whilst remaining sophisticated and elegant.

Next up is the Round Bouquet, which traditionally are like rounded balls (not very us) so we make ours with a little bit more of a loose and natural vibe!

Seasonal spring bridal bouquet
Spring Round Bouquet, photo credit Elin Mai Photography

Classic and elegant, this type of bouquet goes with every style of wedding dress and can be small, medium or large, so very versatile.

Alternative wedding bouquet
Summer medium sized Round Bouquet, photo credit O&C Photography

The penultimate style we provide is the Posy, quite petite and elegant, these are easily held in one hand, which makes them a very versatile choice. This is the style we usually provide for Bridesmaids, however we can make a larger Bride's version.

Alternative bridal bouquet, Pembrokeshire wedding flirist
Late Summer Posy featuring lots of Dahlias
Wildflower posy, Pembrokeshire wedding florist
Bridesmaid’s Posy, photo credit Robert Thomas Cymru

Last but not least is the Just Picked bouquet, these are super loose and wild, so very informal and best kept to a small or medium size, otherwise they're a bit awkward to hold. We love them as it looks like you've just snipped a load of wiggly random stems and headed off down the aisle! Very whimsical so perfect for a bohemian vibe.

Just picked wild flower bouquet
Just Picked Wildflower Inspired Bouquet

All our Bridal Bouquets are finished off with a lovely drapey hand dyed silk or silk velvet ribbon in the colour of your choice. We would suggest a colour that matches or compliments your Bridesmaid's dresses or the same shade as your wedding dress and if you just can't decide, then we're happy to do that for you!

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