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Festive Wreath Workshop

In early 2022 we noticed a new timber framed hempcrete building going up in our local village and became curious! This building turned out to be and is designed to be a creative space for all members of the community to become involved in. Whether that be designing and getting involved in the garden area, taking part in arts and wellbeing activities or learning about sustainable energy, lifestyles and building processes.

We have a passion for anything low carbon, so when approached the local community asking if anyone could offer any courses, of COURSE we were desperate to get involved.

Emma Baker, who runs Y Stiwdio on behalf of Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) was keen to host a Winter wreath making workshop and with the rest of their team literally pulled out all the stops to have Y Stiwdio ready in time! The beautiful timber frame was covered in fairly lights and the super insulated building was toasty and warm ready for the first of the students to arrive.

We began the workshop with everyone weaving their own willow bases. It was the first year our craft willow had yielded enough whips to be able to use all the lovely different colours in the willow bases. It's quite hard work but the B&B team were on hand to help tame any beasts!

Having warmed up nicely with all the willow weaving as well as some fresh coffee, mulled wine, cake and mince pies it was time to apply some moss to the wreath bases. To show off their beautiful fresh willow bases, the students only covered around a quarter of the wreath using a butchers knot to secure the moss.

Once secured, it was time to get creative! We provided a selection of freshly foraged foliage and cones from our woodland as well as dried flowers and seed pods that we had grown during the summer. We also provided some other festive goodies not grown by ourselves, such as ribbons, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges.

It was really lovely watching everyone throwing themselves into the creative process, with all the wreaths looking totally unique. Some people preferring the more traditional Christmas colours of reds and oranges, whist others were embracing the more understated seed pods and hydrangeas. There was not a single piece of floral foam or single use plastic in sight, with everything used compostable, accept for the ribbons, which can easily be snipped off and re-used. We actively encourage our customers to re-use their wreaths all year round, year after year, to try and make this experience as sustainable as possible.

Once complete and all the finishing touches had been added, there was just time to add a hanging loop and of course take the obligatory group photo! Even the compost loo got it's own wreath :-) offer a range of craft workshops throughout the year, with a sliding scale of ticket prices to ensure the workshops are accessible for everyone. Here at Blossoms and Berries we are also planning to offer more workshops throughout the year, so keep an eye on our Social Media pages and Website for announcements.


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